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This is the time of technology. Everyone is shifting their activities to the online system Yayoins.com. As much of the business is done on an online basis nowadays. Also, people are trying to do their shopping of all kinds online. This is the best way to save time as well as money to go to the market. In this pandemic condition due to the COVID-19, shopping should be online for the protection of people to be saved from disease.

There are many kinds of online platforms that are performing the system of online shopping where you can pay the respective charges of the product which you want and can get that particular product. But, hold on. There are many scams as well that are being done by these platforms. Anyone can have the fear in his mind that this particular platform might be a scam. So, for the confirmation that either this platform is real or just a scam, we should do research about that platform. Many people are using yayoins.com for their online shopping. In this article, I’ll explain that either this platform is real or a scam. So, let’s have a look!

Core structure of Yayoins.com


yayoins.com is the platform for online shopping. It provides you with different kinds of products like pants, shirts, shoes and other things of daily use. If a person is busy in his daily routine work, he can do online shopping from this platform. It is providing you stuff of females’ interest and men’s interest too. In the present day, everyone is busy and engaged in his daily work. So, it is a very effective way to save your time. The platform is also providing the products for children. In other words, every kind of stuff you can buy from here. If you are looking for a platform for online shopping for your family or for yourself, you might go for this platform.

Address of the company

The address of the company that is mentioned is the Hangdong Trading limited situated at 18 bridge house, 6 waterworks yard, Croydon, United Kingdom. This address is given by the company. But here is the problem that this address looks suspicious. Google is unable to find out this kind of address. So, it shows that the address that is given by the company is not on a solid basis.

This address is not valid. In this way, the given address shows that the company does not want to show this kind of information with the visitors and the customers. This kind of strategy used by the company is looking suspicious as to why the company doesn’t want to share its information. Many people are thinking about it. Because this can be a scam as well. And the people who want to do shopping in lakhs and millions even can’t believe in this kind of platform. In this regard, it is very important and crucial to find out the reality of the yayoins.com

Orders by the Yayoins.com

This website is offering orders at a very high price. This price is just suitable for the millionaires. The rich community can afford this sort of rate but the middle level community and the poor community are unable to afford the rates provided by the yayoins.com. This is also a major factor to prove that this website is a fraud. As it is focusing on the rich community. The rich community will take these rates as normal rates and they will pay in advance to get the products.

In this way, the website will earn more and more from the customers. It is just the strategy to tangle the rich people in their web. This is a fraud website. Allah the factors that come showing that this is nothing but a scam website. But the condition can be the opposite. These all should be rumours as well. We don’t have solid proof to show that the website is actually a fraud. We only can imagine this sort of idea or image in our minds. To know the proper facts behind this website, we have to search a little more on it. As it is very essential to make our either and or idea strong and well based.

Money return Strategy

The company has the strategy to return the money that we have submitted to get our desired order or that particular product of our choice. The return policy is not proved to much extent. The strategy is that the money will be returned after 30 days. This is a very problematic thing. The customer may use the product or it may be lost due to some reasons or it also may turn dusty as it remains for many days.

These all the factors will be the cause to get the money back. A real platform of online shopping or online trading has the strategy to pay the money back to the customer after two days. It might be of three or maximum five days. But here is the limit of 30 days. Moreover, the criteria to apply for money back is something like tangled. You should have a proper knowledge of how to apply to get money back. This makes the customer unable to get his money back. And she or he just accepts whatever he has gotten. So, this also has a glimpse that the website is a fraud. But here we should go for some more journey. Let’s go!

Copy paste Content

The content that is Provided by the website for the promotion of the products is just a copy paste Content. This means that the company even can not hire a content writer to write the description of their products. This shows that the website does not have any kind of professional attitude. That it even can not hire a writer.  In addition, the images are also copied from another site that is also a scam site. It means that the images are copies from the other scam site. It is a one years old website.

The customers reported the complaints against the provided image of the products and the products that they received. The products that they receive are not actually similar to what was shown to them. But it is not taking the reports of the customers much seriously. It should hire a writer to write the description of its products. Moreover, the images should be provided of the actual products. Well, this factor has a very negative impact on the minds of the customers about the website. It should be improved. Our journey to know whether the website is a fraud or not is not stopped here. Stay with us to check the reality of yayoins.com.

Reviews of the customers about it

A real platform related to online shopping or any other kind of trade surely has a proper system to get the feedback of the customers so that the company may improve the working system of it. When we talk about yayoins.com, this website does not have this kind of system to check and scrutinise the views of the customers regarding their delivery system of the core stuff of the product.

People leave a comment about the poor working system of the website. But it does not bother these kinds of comments. In this way, the people who were planning to do online shopping from it or who had done so have a very negative impact in their minds. They will never suggest anyone to go for it for online shopping. So, it is reducing its value day by day. A negative impact lasts forever in the minds of people. Because this is a matter of their money as well as the product. They have dual loss. That they have to waste their time as well as money. By keeping all the views in mind, we can have a conclusion.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, I would like to state what my mind accepts. My thinking and the above-mentioned points show that the website is totally Fraud and fake. It doesn’t have any proper system. It is just to cheat the customers and mainly the rich community of the world. One of you can raise the point that how you can stay it with surety. I have the surety and it is the all points that I mentioned in the article.

These points should be cleared by a company or website to make sure that it is actually the real platform and is not any kind of scam or fraud. But this website is unable to fulfil any one of the merits. So, it is useless. It is a fraud to entangle the customers. The reviews and comments on the website show its reality. Here, the major proof of the fakeness of this website is the list of negative reviews and the comments on the website. In this way, it is proved that it is nothing but a scam website.





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