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Merits of getting a health insurance in Dubai

by PRZeal

The United Arab Emirates is regarded as a significant place for medical tourism today, Having said so, the expenses on medical treatment with the advent of hi-tech equipment and devices seem to grow rapidly over the years, thus. adding to your treatment costs. This is when you ought to have an urgent need of getting health insurance in Dubai for yourself and your dependents as well. 

The healthcare industry in Dubai has earned a lot of name and fame, with the most upgraded healthcare infrastructure available. This is one of the major reasons for which a lot of ex-pats tend to move there! While a lot of countries tend to offer medical treatments to their residents, there are still a lot of them who would rely on health insurance. Also, if you are an employee, your employer must be down with the responsibility of providing health insurance to each of its employees wherein he or she would be entitled to a health card and thus, would be eligible to access a limited range of clinics and hospitals that are under the DHA facilities. 

Talking about the basic purpose of medical insurance is to ensure that you are being able to receive the best of the medical facilities available in your country without having to bother about any kind of strain on your finances. The health insurance will make sure that you are able to take up the best amenities with protection against the huge medical bills that you would have to bear by yourself otherwise! From daycare procedures to hospitalization and domiciliary expenses, and ambulance charges, you have it all. Also, it will lower that extra burden on your head having to bother about the medical expense, but rather you would now be able to focus more on your speedy recovery. 

  • Cashless benefit

This is one of the best things about having health insurance. Since you or any of your family members are already suffering from a health emergency, you will not have to that extra stress about drawing out money from your pocket. You would not require to take out even a single penny from your wallet in this moment of crisis. The entire bill of your hospital will be settled by the insurer and the medical institution without you being required to come into the picture. In order to avail of the benefits for this, you will have to be admitted to any of the hospitals that are mentioned under the network of your insurer. Simply present your insurance card to the hospital authority, and you will be taken under care! 

  • Additional protection above your employer’s coverage benefit

A lot of companies today tend to cover their employees with a group insurance plan, but that’s something that is not catered to the need of an individual. It is rather very generic! Also, you would need to think about the consequences of it in case you are switching a job, or maybe, you have quit the job due to some or other reason. Therefore, it is always ideal to have health insurance coverage for yourself along with your family that’s tailor-made, so that you are secured additionally even if your employer has had thought about it. 

  • Covers critical illness

The best part about having health insurance is to fetch the advantages of having your critical ailments covered under the same, Such a policy will cover all kinds of life-threatening diseases including kidney failure, loss of limbs, stroke, bone marrow transplant, and more. If you are diagnosed with any of the critical illness that is predetermined in the list of your policy, you shall get a lump sum amount of money that would probably meet with your daily expenses on the treatment along with other financial crunches. 

  • You get tax benefits!

This is certainly one of the major advantages of getting yourself health insurance at the earliest, in case you haven’t done it yet. The premium that you pay for the health insurance policy will further be eligible for the tax deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961. 

Bottom line:

Now that you are already aware of the numerous benefits of health insurance, it is important to ensure that you are taking note of each and every detail too while opting for the same. Make sure that you are well educated about the cost of the activities involved in the insurance, the number of people who would be covered under the package. and also, the rates of the diseases, along with the respective death rates. You may even choose to count the advice of an expert medical practitioner while choosing one for your next insurance policy.