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Because the duo seldom get together this season in the Juveniles shirt. Florentine’s away match in the 33rd round of Eerie A could be the second time in a row Ronaldo has joined Dybala in the Old Lady’s starting lineup. Not being able to use this duo regularly during the season is the unlucky boss Andrea Pirlo too.

Ronaldo – Dybala can be compared to a predestined love without a fate.

When Ronaldo arrived at Juve in the 2018/19 season, the team pushed Gonzalo Higuain to Milan on loan, opening up opportunities to play for Dybala. But in fact, despite playing a lot, the Argentine striker only scored 10 goals, a disappointing achievement in the situation where coach Max Allegri used Mario Mandzukic regularly on the left wing, but this striker still scored a lot. The table is important.

Last season, when coach Maurizio Sarri, Higuain was acquired from Milan, in fact was just a backup plan for the pair Ronaldo – Dybala.

Number 10 is good when scoring a total of 17 goals, has 14 assists in all competitions, and greatly supports Ronaldo to reach 31 goals on all fronts, a much better achievement than the first season. Unfortunately, after that, Dybala suffered too many injuries, having to miss 20 games this season in all competitions. He did not help much for new coach Pirlo.

Particularly in Serie A, statistics show that every time Ronaldo and Dybala make a match, Juve wins. There are 5 such games this season. Juve averaged 2.4 goals / game each time the pair of strikers combined, higher than the average of 1.9 goals / game for the whole season.

Ronaldo and Dybala both scored in 4-1 wins over Udinese and 3-1 over Genoa. Dybala created 2 goals in the 3-1 victory over Milan. In the 3-1 wins over Parma and 2-1 against Torino, the Ronaldo – Dybala pair did not score, but their presence enabled the other satellites to score. In both games, Juve has defenders who know how to shoot.

Although Pirlo’s training level is limited, it can be said that Juve’s incomplete performance this season is somewhat unlucky, without Piro who supports Ronaldo.

Pirlo lost Luis Suarez in the summer transfer window – a deal that made Andrea Agnelli indignant at the way the Fabio Paratici – Pavel Nedved pair worked, then turned to Alvaro Morata. But in any case, with or without Morata, Dybala still has a stiff spot in Pirlo’s squad, thanks to his ability to operate independently in the middle. Lack of such a person makes Juve lose balance and has to push the ball much to the wings.

In fact, in the final years of his career, CR7 became a “classic” striker rather than a wide-moving attacker like Pirlo exploited this season. In the ideal case, Ronaldo will plug in the penalty area, with the help of a satellite playing close. At Real Madrid is Karim Benzema. In the Juve Allegri period was Mandzukic. Sarri’s Juve has Dybala. Pirlo has Morata, but the Spaniard has a way too similar to CR7, so he does not support much.

Morata’s stamina and wall-building ability are not that bad, but definitely inferior to Mandzukic. The ability to shoot with two feet, to deal unexpectedly from outside the box was quite good, and certainly lost to Dybala. Very good technique, good pass but not as good as Karim Benzema, and it is also difficult for Morata to be able to drop a ball over the opponent’s back for Ronaldo to score like Benzema can.

In short, no matter how charming he is to score, despite trying his best and being suitable for Juve, Morata still could not match Ronaldo as well as Dybala did last season. Not at the peak of his performance, the Argentine striker is still the first choice for edge play.




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