How to coordinate beautiful outfits for too tall girls

by Asif Ali

Being a girl a little tall will of course be very beautiful. The models and stars are both tall and beautiful girls, making people heart-fluttering. However, being tall is not always beautiful. Moderately tall is extremely beautiful, but too tall is not very beautiful. Like a girl eight feet tall. It looks very strange.

Yet the number of girls as high as one meter eight was not a small number. If it is too tall, it is very difficult to dress up. The girls who do not have the talent to match clothes are more and more advanced. That is even less beautiful. If you are an excessively tall girl, do not worry about it because it is difficult to match the shirt. Please read this article carefully and you will have a good solution to be beautiful even though the female is too tall.

1. Wear loose dresses

Usually girls shouldn’t wear a skirt that is too loose , it’s baggy and not pretty. But not all situations have the same solution. Fashion mix is ​​similar. For tall women to have the best look, it is best to wear loose dresses .

If you are tall, you should wear a very wide and long dress . Because you are high capital. You are taller than other people in terms of body height that you wear wide like a dwarf is not allowed. It disrupts the symmetry and harmony of your body. So if you wear loose clothes, you will be beautiful.

Then the new height is proportional to the width of the body. Everyone’s condition is always different. Other girls don’t wear wide, but you look good on them. Because wide clothes are inherently suitable for your height. The harmony and appropriateness always bring a certain beauty to the modern woman in the present time.

Skirts come in many types, from office skirts to body-hugging skirts or flared skirts and short skirts. The first priority is always a skirt that is wide and spread around. Don’t let your skirt spread around too much. It looks weird and not pretty. Always remember this carefully, beauty is always associated with relevance and harmony.

2. Wear warm-tone clothing

The girls are now always fascinated by dresses with shades of personality and cool black. However, using black tones like this is not a good thing.

Since the girls nowadays all have a low average height, it would look taller if they wore that. And you, you are too tall and you don’t need that. Wearing warm colored clothing is what you should do in the meantime.

Warm- toned clothes are colored clothes that give the viewer a warm feeling. Warm colors are colors such as yellow orange, magenta, cream, coffee brown, .. These colors create a pleasant feeling when looking at.

The reason for this warm-toned outfit is that it makes you look fatter. Do not worry that being fat will not be beautiful. It will make you very beautiful. Because you are too tall, if you get a little fat it will fit your body. Then haven’t you become a pretty girl.

It’s very simple, as long as you go to a fashion store and buy a warm shirt right home, you will improve your problem. Very simple too. Why don’t you just try it quickly? Then you will become a beautiful girl as you wish.

3. Don’t increase your virtual height


Increased dimensional high virtualization is making itself in the eyes of people look taller, but actually it’s just a fool by some visual tricks. These tricks are tied up with hair, wearing tight-fitting trousers and a pull-up or black-toned outfit.

These things absolutely should never be done. You do not believe that doing so will look more beautiful than offline. All of them are ineffective, but it is also counterproductive.

These ways make you more and more eye-catching. It makes you taller and taller, incredibly tall. That is not beautiful .

Instead of wearing tight pants, wear a skirt, instead of cold clothes, choose warm colors. Instead of tying your hair high, let your hair out so that your best friend will become a beautiful and graceful girl. And always remember that heels should never be worn. Too tall is not beautiful .

The above are the best ways to help tall girls improve their appearance through choosing outfits. Please always remember these. Wear loose-fitting dresses and dress yourself in warm colors. And absolutely do not increase yourself virtual height by ways such as high hair tie, black tone shirt, .. Maybe you look beautiful.

4 How to put clothes on the pants for women beautiful standards, suitable trends all the time


Fashion trends are constantly changing, so how can you combine clothes that are suitable for all circumstances to help yourself have many styles, trendy, not only beautiful but also stylish. Here are some suggestions on how to put clothes on for girls to become delicate, beautiful, and attractive every time they step on the street.

5 Put the shirt into the whole pants

This is probably the most basic outfit that everyone has ever tried. Gives viewers a dynamic, youthful, neat feeling, but sometimes also brings a rather serious look to your image. But just adding a little bit of accessories will make you more “cool” style.

This style is often suitable for tight shirts and t-shirts to show off the full waist to show off your body very effectively.

6 Pack a large box into pants, beautiful skirts

T-shirts or shirts are one of the basic items that almost any girl has in a wardrobe. Although this is an easy-to-face, easy-to-mix outfit, how do you create your own style that makes an outstanding impression in the eyes of everyone? The wide-box way to help you become more stylish, new and personality or more feminine depends on the type of shirt and pants you combine them with.

Note when you pack the shirt into your pants or skirt, adjust the shirt to be spacious, comfortable, and evenly adjust the directions so you can raise your hands without being stretched. This will make it comfortable and easy for you to move in many different situations.

7 Put the front flap on beautiful pants and skirts

Still a T-shirt or a shirt, how will you change to become extremely stylish and dynamic? You just put the front lap into your pants, it will be extremely cool. This is a method of deliberate “sloppy”, stylistic but no-frills for individual girls, which will create a pretty impressive and trendy style.

Sometimes a little arbitrary like that creates an attraction to everyone around than the usual neat and neat styles but equally feminine, youthful,With this “halfway” skirt, you will only “hide” the front part of the shirt instead of stuffing it entirely in the waistband of the pants. Please try this style reference offline.

8. Put 1 lap in front of the shirt into beautiful pants and skirts

Personality girls, how to wear a hard shirt and still show your dynamic youthful style. What do you think if you put one side flap into the pants, half the box in front. This is a pretty “quality” outfit combination style and helps you add personality and “dust” much more.