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How to clean an office chair?

Haven’t you ever spilled coffee on your office chair? It always happens almost with all of us. Sometimes coffee smashes with other coffee, or sometimes that piece of food is stuck to your chair while you have lunch. And of course, over a period, the dust particles started accumulating in the corners of your chair. These little accidents are bound to happen. We can’t control them but we can clean them. In this article, you will learn “how to clean an office chair at your best”.

Give care to the tag:

The cleansing process depends upon the material whether you use a mesh, leather, plastic, or a fabric chair. You need different materials to clean different types of office chairs. For this, you must see the tag which came with the chair. These tags come with codes written on them. Such as W, S or W-S, X & C. These codes hold the meaning given below:

W – It means the chair must only clean with water-based products.
S – It means the chair must only clean with solvent-based products.
W-S or S-W – It means the chair can either be cleaned with water-based products or water-free products(solvent-based products).
X – It means the chair must be cleaned professionally.
C – It means the Crypton cleaning. The chair can be cleaned with detergents, plain water, or with the help of a cleaner.

Before cleaning your chair here are some tips or suggestions you should always keep in mind while cleansing.

If you spill anything on the chair, don’t wait for the strain to dry, it will be harder to clean a dry strain than a fresh one. And remember the longer you wait the dryer it gets.
You must identify the code written on it & must have the instruction guide with you that comes with the chair. You should follow it while cleansing.
You must take a pre-test before applying the cleaning material all over, this will help you to understand any damage done by the material.

All you need to have to clean an office chair:

A brush, or a dustpan, or a vacuum cleaner for taking out all hard solid particles.
Cleaning solutions such as dish wash liquid, cleaning spray, etc.
Sponge or a piece of cloth as a cleaner.
A butter knife for removing wheel dirt.
Dryer (for quick drying) or a towel.

The stepwise process to clean different chair:

Remove the solid particles: Take a vacuum cleaner for upholstery or a brush for non-upholstery and remove all the solid hard particles you can.

Let the cloth soak the liquid: If you spill coffee or tea, immediately soak it with the help of a dry sponge or cloth.

Check the care tag: As mentioned above check the care tag & find out which kind of material is used for cleaning & act accordingly. Caution, do not rub the stain. Blot it gently with a cloth.

Make a soap solution: Use natural dish wash. Add approx one cup of water to dish soap. Take a per-test to test any damage caused by it. Now apply it all over.

Soak the cloth in the cleaning solution: Use a clean cloth. Put it in the solution bowl & wet it nicely. Now start blotting it on the seat pan. Do not rub the stain.

Wipe the chair: wipe it away with water or soap. After that allow the chair to dry. You can also use a dryer or simply leave it in the ventilated area.

Flip the chair: For cleaning the wheels & lower parts, flip the chair. Now pull the wheels by hands or use a screwdriver.

Use a butter knife for removing dirt: The dirt stuck in the wheel may cause problems in the movements of the chair. Use a butter knife to remove any food, dust, or pebbles inside the crack.

Wipe the wheel with a wet cloth: Now with the help of a wet cloth, wipe out all the possible dust & soil attached to it.

Use papers to dry: Use a dry cloth for drying it up & then used papers for soaking extra water.

Place the wheel back after drying: Now push back the wheel you took out, or screw them back at their position.

Wipe all parts of the chair: Finally wipe out the legs, the arms, the backrest & others part of it. Used a clean & dry cloth for wiping. Leave it for drying.





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