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Google Stadia vs. Amazon Luna

Over the years technology has changed and grown immensely. Similarly, the video game industry is updating and heading towards a future where players won’t require gaming consoles or discs to play their favorite games.

Today with the introduction of cloud gaming, players are able to stream their favorite games easily just like streaming their favorite shows on Prime Video or Netflix. They no longer need to download games or purchase gaming discs.

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What is cloud gaming? Google Stadia vs. Amazon Luna.

Cloud gaming is a pioneering technology that enables players to play games online directly from the cloud instead of using a gaming device or specific hardware.

In the past to play video games the players were required to purchase physical media to play the games or the games had to be downloaded into digital devices like smart phones, laptops, tablets etc.

With cloud gaming, the game content is moved from the consumer’s device to the cloud. Players can stream games and play them online. The games are streamed to the player’s device in the form of compressed video frames and the videos respond according to the user input.

The two biggest contestants in the field of cloud gaming are Amazon Luna and Google Stadia. Both game-streaming services are different and one should consider all their features before making the purchase.

Amazon Luna and Google Stadia are both cloud gaming services that allow you to play the latest games and the old favorites without having to invest in buying an expensive gaming console or computer. Amazon and Google have enormous cloud computing powers which, they have leveraged to offer low-latency gaming to the users. However, they both have different approaches. This is what you will need to know to decide on choosing between Google Stadia vs. Amazon Luna.

Google Stadia vs. Amazon Luna – Basic Features

  • Google Stadia

Google Stadia is compatible and works with the Chrome browser, select Android phones and iPhones and Chromecast Ultra. Subscribers are given access to few free games every month. They can pay and buy additional games if required. If you have an internet connection that supports 4K, you will be able to stream the games in 4K with Google Stadia.

  • Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna is compatible and works with Chrome and Safari browsers on Windows and iOS. It works on the 2nd generation and all the newer Fire TV devices. Subscribers can access a library of over 70 games, they don’t need to pay an additional amount to buy games. The games can stream only on 1080p during Early Access.

Both these streaming services platforms have taken advantage of huge global cloud computing networks. They both work with web browsers on all devices and the streaming hardware offered by their parent companies.

Google Stadia vs. Amazon Luna – Hardware

Though Amazon Luna and Google Stadia have similar hardware requirements, Google Stadia work with older operating systems whereas Amazon Luna only works with Windows 10 during Early Access.

Google Stadia works with Windows 7 or higher on a Chrome browser, macOS 10.9 or higher on a Chrome browser and Chromecast Ultra. It is compatible with Android 6.0 or newer versions and iOS 11.0 or newer versions for iPhones.

Amazon Luna works on Windows 10 with DirectX 11 and macOS 10.13+. It is compatible with

Fire TV Stick 2nd gen, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube 2nd Gen. It works on version 83+of Chrome web browser on PC or Mac and Safari web browser (iOS 14) for iPhone and iPad.

Google Stadia requires a compatible controller whereas Amazon Luna can work with a compatible controller or a mouse and keyboard.

Google Stadia vs. Amazon Luna – Streaming quality

Google Stadia and Amazon Luna both offer 1080p/60 frames per second streaming. You can access 4K streaming with Stadia but will need to subscribe to Stadia Pro for the same. Luna does not offer 4K streaming for its service currently. Google Stadia supports HDR and 5.1 Surround Sound but that too requires a Stadia Pro subscription for access.

Google Stadia vs. Amazon Luna – Games Library

Google Stadia and Amazon Luna have a completely different approach with regards to their games offering. Amazon Luna is a subscription service where the user needs to pay a monthly fee to access their range of preselected games. It is very similar to a service like Netflix where you pay a subscription fee and you can access the various movies and series offered by it.

Subscribers can start with the basic Luna+ library, they can pay an additional amount to access content from companies such as Ubisoft. However, they do not have an option to purchase any game outright permanently. The Luna library includes over 70 games that are available to the subscribers without the need of purchasing them.

Google Stadia also offers a subscription-based service known as Stadia Pro however the users are not required to purchase a recurring monthly subscription. Stadia allows the gamers to buy games outright which are added to their cloud library.

By subscribing to Stadia Pro, users can access Google’s streaming library along with additional features like a 4K video quality upgrade. Google Stadia library has over 100 games available, but they are not free. Stadia Pro subscribers receive at least one free game per month.

Google Stadia vs. Amazon Luna – Pricing and availability

Google Stadia is available in the United States and 21 other countries. If a user uses Stadia to purchase games they will need to pay only for the game’s cost.  However, if a user wishes to gain access to the streaming library and 4K gaming, they need to purchase a Stadia Pro subscription at $10 a month. A free one-month trial is offered on enrolling.

Amazon Luna is exclusively available only in the United States. An invite is required to join it.  If selected for early access, the cost is $6 a month for accessing the basic Luna+ library. If the subscriber needs to access to Ubisoft’s library, they need to pay an additional $15 a month.

Final Words

Though both Amazon Luna and Google Stadia are similar in their hardware and streaming quality, Google Stadia is a better option as it is available to more countries and users across the globe, it does not require a monthly subscription and gamers can purchase the games of their choice.  With Amazon Luna, the users have to pay a monthly subscription and have no option to buy a game of their choice. Google Stadia is our overall winner, but Amazon Luna is not far behind and could prove to be real competition in the future.





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