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Causes of Common Cold in Babies

Babies are likely to or defenseless against being influenced or harmed by the common cold, a particular disease. One of the major reasons is they have not yet reached the age to develop the immune system strong enough to fight against the viruses of the disease.

In the first year of life, a baby has to suffer from the common cold seven times or more. Here are some causes of the common cold in babies so that you may be aware of them.


The common cold in babies is a disease that creates infections in the nose and throat, that is, in the upper respiratory tract. The causes of these infections are more than one hundred types of viruses among which rhinoviruses are remarkable.

The other types of viruses that can also cause the common cold in babies are corona virus, para influenza, rhinovirus, retrovirus, and respiratory syntactical viruses. After a virus infects your baby, he becomes resistant to that particular infection or toxin owing to the presence of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells.

The body of your baby begins to react and fight against the foreign virus. But as the viruses are many, your baby may be infected many times in his childhood, or in some cases, throughout his lifetime.


Air can cause a common cold in your baby. When a sick person comes to your baby, the person may directly pass viruses of the common cold at any time if he coughs, talks, or sneezes, resulting in small amounts of the viruses of the common cold injected into the air from his mouth or nose that your baby may inhale. The speeding air coming because of that coughing, talking, or sneezing will infect your baby entering through the nose, mouth, or eyes of your baby, and the virus will adhere to the membrane of your baby and will ultimately cause the common cold.

Physical Contact

Babies have a tendency to put everything into their mouths, even their own hands. They also have the habit of frequently rubbing their noses, mouths, and eyes with their hands and catching other people and objects. They are always eager for skin-to-skin contact or bodily contact. If a person infected with the common cold even touches the hands of your baby, your baby will be infected by the viruses of the common cold.

Sometimes, parents or caregivers of a baby can cause the baby infected by the common cold through their physical contact with the baby. When a lovely baby is around, touching, kissing, embracing, and all these kinds of natural expressions can cause the common cold. However, if you get parenthood through surrogacy, you might keep contracted with the agencia gestacion subrogada for advises.

Polluted Surfaces

Some viruses that cause the common cold in babies live for two hours there making the surfaces impure by exposure to or addition of the poisonous or polluting viruses. Such a common type of surfaces that babies are always exposed to are toys.

Toys can have droplet transmission. The same toys that your baby is going to touch, can already be touched by other babies or people who got the common cold. The surfaces of the toys of your baby may be easily polluted by the common cold viruses leading your child to be infected by the viruses of the common cold.

As from the aforementioned discussion now you know the causes of the common cold in babies are viruses, air, physical contact, and polluted surfaces, you can take the preventive steps against these causes of infecting of viruses of the common cold so that your baby can enjoy a healthy life free from irritating infections of the viruses of the common cold that will make you happy and smiling.






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