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9 Tips From Officer Movers When Moving Your Business To A New Location

by PRZeal

While moving a business could be quite a daunting project, it need not be a stressful one. With the right planning, organization, and advice, your moving day can be an Officer Movers exciting and fun experience.

Here are 9 tips from our professional office movers in Singapore to ensure that your business relocation is a stress-and hassle-free affair.

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Tip 1: Appoint A Relocation Manager

According to Outer Space Removals Marrickville, someone needs to be in charge of the relocation and serve as the primary point of contact for all of the stakeholders engaged in the process. Most of the time, the administrative assistant or office manager will take on this responsibility. Larger organizations may assign a representative from each department or section to coordinate the relocation from within that department or section.

Tip 2: Keep Your Clients Informed

Inform your clients in advance of your plans to relocate your company and avoid scheduling any meetings during the week. Your new office is almost certainly going to be cluttered and disorganized, and you don’t want your clients to associate your brand with that kind of environment.

Keep reminding your coworkers that they must notify anyone who comes to your new office that your address has movers in Singapore changed. Do not assume that they are already aware of the situation. You don’t want an important client to show up at your old office instead of your new location.

Make every effort to schedule your move during a time when no important deadlines are approaching. You do not want your sales team to be racing to complete a tender submission while the moving company is removing their computers and desks from the premises.

TIP 3:  Work with A Reputable Commercial Moving Company

When it comes to business relocation operations, it is always best to work with a reputable office mover in Singapore. While office employees may want to help, the majority of company employees are not professionally trained for this purpose. Office assets and furniture can easily become damaged and/or go missing during a relocation, and you may not discover until months after the transfer that something has gone wrong.

Let your employees focus on their vital day-to-day business operations while you engage the services of professional office movers in Singapore to do the relocation for you.

TIP 4: Number And Label All Your Boxes And Maintain An Inventory

Make certain that each box has a distinct label and numbering system. This way, when you and your team arrive at your new office, you will be able to get more work done in less time.

It also makes it very evident if a box is misplaced during the relocation process. You may also want to consider assigning a number to each person’s desk to ensure that everything is returned to its rightful location in your new workplace movers in Singapore . Maintaining an inventory of boxes and their contents is a good place to begin with.

TIP 5: Work With Your IT Team Well Ahead Of Time

Discuss with your IT team about your upcoming relocation project at least three months in advance of the move. The time it will take them to back up data, modify subscription details, and coordinate with their own vendors will require substantial time. To ensure that all of your IT services are properly taken care of, you should initiate working with your IT team well in advance.

Your new office is not where you want to be when you go there and discover that your phone lines are down and your Internet connection has not yet been established.

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TIP 6: Ensure That Your Data Is Secured At All Times

In order to prepare for the relocation, you must verify that your IT team has completed all essential backups (both on-site and off-site) in advance. Do not store all of your backups in the same location. It’s possible that your IT team already has both physical copies and backups stored in the cloud. If they do not, it would be a good opportunity to review your data backup strategy to ensure that it complies with current best practices.

When it comes to external hard drives, you need to be extra cautious to avoid data loss. They can easily be destroyed when being moved from one location to another.

TIP 7: Discuss The Quotation In Detail

The importance of having an in-depth conversation with your potential office movers before confirming the arrangement cannot be iterated enough.

You must verify that your office movers in Singapore properly understand your relocation requirements and that the estimate you receive adequately covers each of those criteria. It is always best to clarify doubts and concerns way before the actual relocation week.

Some of the Important questions to raise are:

What services are included in the quotation?

  • What packing material will they be using?
  • Do they have special equipment and tools that may be required? If so, will they cost extra?
  • Approximately how many workers will be allocated for loading, unloading, and transportation by the relocation company?
  • How many trucks and vehicles would be allocated for the move?

While receiving a more expensive quotation does not guarantee that you will receive superior service, you should be skeptical about. Receiving an extremely low-priced moving quote You do not want them to carry your boxes to the ground floor and. Then start bringing up all of the hidden fees that you were not aware of on the day of your move.

TIP 8: Inform Building Management, Customers, and Suppliers About Your Move

Each office building will have its own set of restrictions for entering and exiting the property’s lobby and office area. Check with the management of your building to make sure that all of your bases are covered. Certain offices require a deposit, while others may restrict movement on specific days or at certain times of the day. You will need to check with both your existing office building and the new office space that you will be in. Relocating to make sure that everything is in working order.
At least a week in advance of the move, let your customers and suppliers know your new address, as they may require some time to update your details in their database or management systems.

TIP 9: Move The Essential Items Last

Relocating offices is disruptive to your daily operations, and you want to keep downtime to a minimum as much as possible. Make sure to move all of your non-essential furniture first, so that your colleagues can continue working until the big moving day arrives. Leave the most important items, such as computers and printers, until the day of the move itself.