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5 Common UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) Myths Debunked

You have got a heart to supply blood, a liver to detox and a brain to think, and so on…

The human body is complex. There is a systematic way to perform any of our routine body functions. Just like all your other body functions. Removal of excess waste is an important body function performed by the urinary system.

Why Do We Need A Healthy Urinary System?

The urinary system, a system composed of kidneys, urethras, bladder etc. is known to remove liquid waste from our body. This complex job is performed by the organs of the urinary system altogether. A baby is born with an efficient urinary system unless there is some complication and this system keeps on working efficiently till our death.

Though the system remains in its place, many things can affect its optimum performance. One such thing is UTI aka urinary tract infections. These are pretty common and anyone can have these. Recently, one of my colleagues got it and had to go through severe symptoms before she went to many best urologists.

Urinary Tract Infections

Common Myths About UTI

Even though UTIs are quite common, the problem remains surrounded by many myths. All these misconceptions make it difficult for the patients to address their problems on time and get the right treatment at the right treatment.

No wonder, if you have also believed that consuming cranberry juice can reduce your chances of getting a UTI, as it doesn’t. These myths are so common that anyone can get influenced by these infections. For the sake of information, here I’m going to bust some common myths about UTIs. So, let’s start!

1- Only women can suffer from UTI

This is merely a misconception that arises from the fact that more women get UTI. These infections are more common in women but this doesn’t make the male sex an exception in the case of UTI. Not only men, women but children and anyone else can get these. Though a shorter urethra is the reason that most of the UTI cases belong to women.

2- You can confirm UTI by seeing your urine

False, because there is no such thing as this. Urine changes are common and come from many things. UTI is one of the reasons that urine changes its colouration, odour and appearance. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every single urinary change is subjected to UTI. You may need additional testing and other physical examinations to confirm the presence of a UTI rather than just saying it after a urinary examination.

3- Sexually inactive people can’t suffer from UTI

Just like previous ones, this is another popular misconception about UTIs. There are many possible causes that one might suffer from UTI. Though it is a fact that sexual intercourse can increase your chances of getting a UTI, not all kinds of such infections come from sexual activity. You may have it because of some medical complication or any other known or unknown trigger not solely because of sexual activity.

4- Deep vaginal washing can keep UTI at a bay

Well, it is another misconception about UTI. Vaginalcelaning with soap or other harsh products doesn’t finish your chances of UTI. You don’t need to perform these harsh procedures as it can affect the natural flora of your vagina and disturbs its pH because it’s not going to do any good to your risk of UTI.

5- Your UTI doesn’t need any treatment

MYTH: Just like any other infection in your body, UTI needs treatment and proper care. So, if you are thinking that your infection will go on its own, then you might make mistakes and this negligence can be harmful to you. So, whenever you find yourself suffering from any of the signs and symptoms of UTI, it is better to go to your urologist for the proper treatment plan.

Bottom Line!

UTIs are quite common and can affect people of any age and any gender. Many things can prevent you from getting UTI, drinking cranberry isn’t surely among the ones. The only way you can treat your UTI is by taking proper care of your infections and getting timely treatment from a urologist.




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