10 Spotify Tips and Tricks All Music Lovers Should Know

by Patricia

Did you know that there are more than 406 million Spotify users across the world in 2022? Spotify is one of the best ways to get all of the music that you love for relaxing, working, driving, and more. There are even loads of great podcasts available on Spotify that you’ll love no matter your interests.

No matter how much you love Spotify, odds are that you don’t know about all of the Spotify tips that will take your user experience to the next level. The ability to bring back deleted playlists and do karaoke is within your grasp when you’re in need of Spotify Premium tips.

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place for tips for using Spotify and getting the most for your money. Keep reading this article to learn all about the best Spotify tricks that you should try out today!

1. Recover Deleted Playlists

If you’re someone that likes to keep things organized then it is possible that you’ve deleted playlists from your Spotify account at one point or another. If you ever have regrets there are ways that you can go about getting your deleted playlists back.

The first step for getting your deleted playlists back is going onto Spotify’s website and signing into your Spotify account. From there, you’ll have the option to recover deleted playlists from your past and restore them. The next time that you get on the app your playlist will be restored and accessible for you to enjoy.

2. Smart Search

The traditional way to look for the music on music apps or on YouTube is by looking up either the song or the artist. It is possible that you didn’t know about the Spotify tricks for looking up music with Smart Search. You can look up music by year in order to find music from a particular era.

There are also helpful filters for the music genre, record labels, and other things that you might use to find your favorite tunes. You can learn more about how to download Spotify on Mac and use Smart Search here.

3. Spotify Karaoke

Most people that love music also love to sing, and what better way to show off your pipes than to do some karaoke? Odds are that you didn’t know that you can sing along to your favorite songs thanks to these Spotify Premium tips. Most songs on Spotify have the lyrics listed and an option to look at them while the song is playing.

Some songs even have a “Behind The Lyrics” feature that shows the songwriter’s explanation for the lyrics and what they mean to that person. You’ll also have a much easier time finding songs that you like by searching for the lyrics if you don’t know the artist or the song name.

4. Spotify Keyboard Shortcuts

Believe it or not, there are a ton of keyboard shortcuts that are specific for Spotify use. These shortcuts will not work on your smartphone or tablet, but they’re great for creating playlists when you log in to Spotify from your laptop or computer. If you want to create playlists on the browser then use the shortcuts and you’ll be breezing right along.

5. Drag and Drop

If you want to share a new song that you love with friends and family then you no longer have to hit the “share” button or copy and paste the link. One of the coolest Spotify tips is that you can drag and drop the song into the message box. Spotify will turn it into a link for the recipient to click instead of making you do all of the extra work.

6. Secret Playlists

There are also secret playlists on Spotify if you want to keep your listening habits private. Every Spotify account has a default setting that makes every playlist public for other users to see and access. People will see what you’re listening to at any point in time on Spotify.

You can go into a private session that doesn’t show what you’re listening to for up to six hours at a time. You can also choose playlists and make them private. Do this by hitting the three dots under the playlist name and you can choose to make it a private playlist.

7. Sync Spotify With Shazam

If you hate the feeling that comes with listening to a song that you like but not knowing its name or the artist that performs it then you need to link your Spotify with the Shazam app. You’ll have no problems using Shazam to find songs that you’re listening to in the store and adding them to your songs on Spotify.

8. Listen to Music From Outside of Spotify

Songs have a way of getting stuck in peoples’ heads, and it is natural to want to find those songs on Spotify. Sometimes those songs aren’t on Spotify but you can add them from an outside source. You’ll need to go into Settings and find your Local Files.

From there, hit the Add Source button and then you’ll have the ability to add outside music to your Spotify.

9. Listen to Spotify in Your Uber

Did you know that you can link your Spotify and Uber accounts to play your Spotify music over your Uber driver’s sound system? You’ll need to link the two accounts in the Uber app and then you’ll be ready to go for your next ride.

10. Change the Music Quality

There are tips for using Spotify to get the best quality of music coming through your speakers. Go to your Spotify app’s settings and select Music Quality. From there, hit either the High or Very High options to get better sound quality.

Make the Most of These Spotify Tips Today

There are tons of great Spotify tips that most Spotify users have no idea about. These tips for using Spotify will provide you with a much better user experience and they extend to things like Uber rides. You can also enjoy karaoke and enjoy a higher quality of music.

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